The most beloved sensational band is back !!! Masala Coffee –


A magical mix of 8 songwriters, artists and dreamers on a journey to tap into India’s rich musical and poetic heritage, to create a contemporary and global sound

“One of the most energetic and exciting concerts in India. Having played countless concerts in over a dozen countries, winning numerous national awards and recognitions, Masala Coffee conquers hearts around the world ”

Imagined by percussionist Varun Sunil, Masala Coffee was formed in late 2014 and became a YouTube celebrity thanks to performances on the “Music Mojo” episodes of Indian TV channel Kappa Tv. His catchy arrangements of popular folk songs for the band went viral and the music has since captivated audiences across the world. Varun’s powerful and entertaining percussion play is a real spectacle!

The band’s distinctive alternate sound stems from the guitar duties of seasoned musician Preeth PS. Constantly infusing traditional acoustic sounds with futuristic sound drones, it makes each song tell a different story and gives folk rock a whole new perspective.

After undergoing many changes in the rhythm department, Paul Joseph on bass guitar and Daya Shankar on drums have finally come together to be the backbone of the band. Super tight, ultra groovy, and an uncanny ability to squeeze funk out of everything, these two musical heavyweights hold their own for Masala Coffee. True to their rich Indian influence, Cafe Masala has seen a number of traditional Indian instrumentalists collaborate with them on record and live. The first releases saw the legendary maestro of Esraj Arshad Khan weaving his magic into their tunes and he still tours with them on occasion. Currently, the young and ingenious violinist Amal Sivan is part of Masala Coffee and you can see him leaping on stage like a real violinist on the roof.

The voices behind the songs belong to 2 sensational performers, Aslam & Cishna. Although they are the newest members (late 2018), they brought their own style and personality to take Masala Coffee music to the next level. These soft-spoken, unsuspecting frontmen bring down the roof at every gig! Talented pianist, keyboardist and Uber geek Steve Kottoor completes the group’s formation. He brings a unique sound to the band and pushes each composition to take an unsuspecting turn with his witty musical ideas.
The band are currently working on their album ‘EKTARA’
They also signed two Telugu films after Kannum Kannum Kolliadithaal.


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