The original music group Waluguru and the group Super Kamanyola will be undisputed

Director of Waluguru Original Music Band, Deogratius David ‘Killer Boy’ revealed yesterday that the band have been invited to the competition which will involve the Super Kamanyola Band.

“The competition is a talent quest including the best rapper of the year, the best female singers, the best performers and the best soloist, some of our musicians must participate.”

David noted that his troupe rapper Greyson Semsekwa will enter the contest alongside troupe singer Amina Remmy, competing for best rapper and best female vocalist.

”The guitarist of our troupe, Kinde Makengele, is competing for the best composer.”

“Makegele will also be in the running for the honor of best soloist. We believe we can emerge victorious because our group has great musicians with great potential in the profession,” he said.

David, who is also the vocalist of the troupe, said it will be the first time the band will perform a show in Mwanza.

He pointed out that the troupe musicians are determined to show their edge to impress music lovers and beat the Super Kamanyola Band.

“Participating in the contest is a unique opportunity for us to show our advantage as one of the ways to get more shows in the Lake Zone area,” he said.

David revealed that the troupe was recently promoting their album titled “Kikao cha Wahenga,” featuring six tracks.

These are ‘Morogoro Yetu’, ‘Mwanzo wa Mapenzi’, ‘Cha Kupewa’, ‘Ngalile Mwanangu Ndole’, ‘Supu’ and ‘Nataka Nilewe’.