Waluguru Original Music Band will perform in Mwanza

Troupe director Deogratius David ‘Killer Boy’ revealed in an interview that the show will take place the first week of next month.

The troupe, the artist noted, will perform for the first time in the Lake Zone area.

“It’s a great opportunity for us to show our edge, to attract more dance music fans from various parts of the country because we’ve only toured a few areas,” David said.

He said fans of national dance music have always believed that good music is that played by Dar es Salaam-based troupes.

He was adamant that Waluguru Original Music Band, however, wanted to get rid of this notion as there are good bands outside of Dar es Salaam.

“We have our album called ‘Kikao Cha Wahenga’, some of his songs are ‘Morogoro Yetu’, ‘Mwanzo wa Mapenzi’, ‘Cha Kupewa’, ‘Ngalile Mwanangu Ndole’, ‘Supu’ and ‘Nataka Nilewe’, we will presenting the album there,” he said.

He said that although the band has started to prepare new songs, he will have to present the album as it will be Waluguru Original Music Band’s first time performing in Mwanza.

“Our popularity in Morogoro helped us gain popularity elsewhere as our group also participated in a show, dubbed ‘Wafia Dansi’, to promote dance music in the country,” he said.

The director further revealed that Waluguru Original performed with the oldest bands in Dar es Salaam and gained experience which made him popular in the local dance music circle.

“Receiving an invitation to perform in Mwanza shows how much dance music players recognize our band’s contribution to this industry,” he said.